My Services and Rates

Massage:  The massage I offer in my practice is focused on encompassing a variety of modalities and techniques to enhance the experience of mind, body & spirit.  I have found over time that the best results come from a session that is at least 90 minutes in length.  

90 minutes - $105

120 minutes - $135

70 minute Reiki Session - $90

I offer compassionate presence in every massage I give.  People say that my massage is never the same and that is because I tune in to what the client is needing and design a custom, therapeutic bodywork session.  I utilize Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Release, Myofacial Release, Joint mobility and stretching, energy balancing and breath work.  I am also trained in sports massage, Shiatsu and Thai massage.  I utilize a combination of many of these modalities in every massage.  I target specific problematic areas of the body and do intricate muscle release techniques.  

With every massage you will be pampered with high quality essential oils, warm towels and a cozy, warm massage table.  I use warm stones to penetrate tense areas and provide a comfort with the use of heat.  My massages are integrated with sound utilizing singing bowls and bells to help promote relaxation and the release of tension.